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About CELT Naturals
MediHealthPro ~ Life Science represents and consults for companies that manufacture and distribute optimum quality therapeutic supplements to health practitioners and physicians in the complementary and conventional medicine community. Our focus is to showcase only those companies that set new standards for quality, and that create innovative formulations and raw material processing that sets them apart from the current multitude of supplement manufacturers. The health industry is overrun by products and claims, and patients are self-medicating from the confusing array of magic bullets. The sourcing of raw materials and processing and manufacturing methods are the key differentiating criteria between companies. These are aspects that necessarily become the deciding factor when choosing particular brands of therapeutic supplements for your patients. We represent over 30 years of involvement in the nutraceutical industry experience, characterized by a dedication and propensity toward a particular lifestyle and direction. As health practitioners, and having  been involved in every aspect of both the retail and wholesale marketing, sales, management and distribution of nutrition supplements, we have well- placed priorities  when it comes to quality and the delivery of customer service.
ABOUT CELT NATURALS As manufacturers, Jack Davidson and Alan Fergusson came to the natural supplement industry from a personal need. Together, they have undertaken various research projects and studies, in order to demonstrate the numerous applications using STEROL 117™ and its overall effectiveness. They initially developed STEROL 117™ as part of a response to a personal health crisis and subsequently made it available to the health practitioner community. They wanted to share the life changing benefits of using this one-of-a-kind formulation while facing a chronic condition.  Practitioners and patients continue to witness its long term benefits. At CELT Naturals, the long term mission is to enhance the health and well-being of generations by providing a superior formulation that has the highest level of quality and purity. STEROL 117™ addresses the increasing global need for immune system support. They've created one of the most respected dietary supplements in our industry.
About MediHealthPro    Life Science