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Details Dynamic Immune Support STEROL 117™ is one of the more versatile and powerful supplements available to physicians.  Clinically, its broad applications address: Environmental sensitivities Food and airborne allergies Skin conditions Fibromyalgia Regulation of cholesterol levels Prostate support Immune system modulation Immune-related inflammation Cognitive dysfunction STEROL 117™ specially formulated by CELT NATURALS Plant sterols, in particular beta-sitosterol are like Vitamin C; essential nutrients that we must ingest since our body is unable to manufacture them for itself Sterol 117™ is the only sterol product that is enteric coated to prevent destruction by the stomach acids 300 mg. of plant sterol is the clinically researched dose necessary for good health Anti-oxidants are very important for cellular maintenance and DNA repair, which is often needed in immune compromised patients
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